>> Are you an overwhelmed Blogger or Service-based Business Owner?

>> Not enough hours in the day?

>> Do you need flexibility in your schedule?

>> Do you want more family time and date nights?

Does your schedule or routine drive you crazy? You always feel busy but can’t get anything accomplished? Maybe you say “Yes” too often?

Whether you have a side hustle or making six figures, one thing we ALL have in common are the same hours in the day. Think about that for a moment…

Imagine waking up with a morning routine that works best for you and your family to head out the door. Not just on time, but early! You have control over your own time and easily say “No” to things that don’t align with your priorities and goals. When “life happens,” you’ve got it covered because you have flexibility in your schedule to move appointments and meetings around when needed.

In my CALENDAR & ROUTINE STRATEGY SESSION, I’ll look over your current schedules and routines to help you gain back time, less stress, and flexibility that makes sense for you.

“Thank you Jennifer for helping me get over my procrastination and writers block to get jump started on my novel again, with a schedule that works for me!” ~ J.J.Hartley

After we work together:

 You’ll have a personalized schedule and routines that work best for you and your family
You’ll find more hours in the day
You’ll know how to best utilize the time you do have
 You’ll be less stressed, have structure, yet flexibility for when “life happens”
You’ll feel excited to take on the day
 You’ll get Date Night back, or more often
You’l have more family time to make memories

What You Get:

1:1 Strategy Session
Worksheets to reflect and track your progress
🔶BONUS: Weekly personal support and accountability check-ins for the first 21 Days as you implement your new schedule into a habit.

All for $197

Does this sound like you? Simplify your schedule and routine for the New Year, today!

Next Steps: 

  1. Contact me to get started now!
  2. I’ll send you my Paypal link
  3. Once you’ve paid, I’ll send you the link to book your session