Learning to grow up

It’s a new beginning to a new life. Sometimes you have to move somewhere new to realize where you really want to live.

The beach was a temporary stop in my life to grow up and find myself, meet some amazing people and find God once again. Only, it turns out this is more of a “vacation” spot to me. I needed something more…Corporate.

So, here I am. Settled in Raleigh. I finally just got the apartment to where it feels livable and not embarrassing for people to stop by. To make this happen, I had to get pass the “pack-rat” in me to make space. Now, this is a big deal, especially since it was the first time I ever went through anything I kept. Random stuff is sentimental, what can I say? At least it gave me time to go through and reminisce, then realize how childish things were and knew it was time to move on, making space for my new found adulthood.

I had a hard time learning to grow up, but it took moving away from my security, familiar town to figure out who I was and realized I like what I’ve become. A writer, like I always wanted.

It all starts here

Have you ever had a feeling you were meant to do something, or be somewhere, and not know why? I felt the same way once I started college. This is life through my eyes – advice, tips, and encouragement to lead you on your spiritual journey. If you just listen to God, your heart, trust your intuition and enjoy life along the way, who knows where life can lead you.

I have put off blogging for too long. Now is the best time to catch up on the creative side of my writing and reflect how I got where I am today. The soul purpose of me writing for anything is use words to do God’s work.

“Life’s up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals – Think of using obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want” – Marsha Sinetar