How We Started Our Adventurous Lifestyle


How We Started Our Adventurous Lifestyle

We’ve always lived near the mountains of North Carolina and wanted to be outdoors more often.¬†Jennifer has always wanted to write and share about where to go, eat, and drink, but never got around to it.

June of 2018, that finally happened.We had been going up the mountain only once a week because of our crazy schedules, but wanted to figure out a way to started having overnight trips on a budget.


Start Creating our Ideal Lifestyle

The first step was to create more of the lifestyle we wanted sooner rather than later, so Kurt traded his Mustang for a Jeep Rubicon JK Unlimited, and I traded my Scion tc for an all-wheel-drive Mini Cooper Countryman. Now, we can easily enjoy the mountains year-round.


Longer trips on a Budget

Second, we had to figure out how to make weekend trips happen.

A camper wasn’t in the budget, nor was the time to fix up a van or camper. Kurt did a lot of research and discovered Overlanding. There are many definitions of what Overlanding is and depending on who you talk to, but at it’s core, it’s camping off road.¬†(Read more about what Overlanding is, here (coming soon).

We immediately ordered a tent that attaches to the roof of our Jeep.


Camping Supplies

Third, we had to get a few more camping supplies. We try to “rough it” as much as possible without really “glamping.” To us, this means just the basics, plus our pillows and a couple other items. I’ll create a post about what we take camping, hiking and Jeeping.

It’s all about fun, so do what you prefer.


Create a Weekend Budget

We budgeted how much we wanted to save for the weekend, depending on where we were going and how many days we stayed. This covered cost of gas, food, coffee (duh), entry, and any miscellaneous costs that come up we aren’t aware of.


Find Friends

Then, we joined a couple local Jeep clubs to stay safe when we go wheeling and to meet a new community of people.


Our Adventurous Lifestyle Includes:

This blog is about our adventures in the mountains of North Carolina. We work hard during the week and play hard on the weekends. it’s our dream to work from anywhere and go on more adventures.

We’ll cover:

  • Where to drink great coffee
  • Where to eat great food
  • Where to Sleep and Camp
  • Where to hike
  • Where to go wheeling in a Jeep
  • What to take with you hiking and camping

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