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Who am I?

Hi! I’m Jennifer. An INFJ  “adventurous homebody”, based near the gorgeous Mountains of North Carolina (my happy place), and not your typical Southern gal (you’ll find out how as we get to know each other). I’m also a coffee connoisseur, gamer, Steampunk cosplayer, traveler, and personal safety and domestic violence awareness advocate.

With a background in Creative writing, Copywriting, Journalism, Interior Design, Architecture, Business, and Marketing, I use this skill set to apply a simplified and personalized approach.

My Philosophy

  • I believe anyone can be organized and maintain that organization through personalized systems and processes.
  • Staying in your writing flow increases the amount of high value content you create for your blog and business.
  • Life and business are a journey. Take action that #movesmountains.

One of the main comments I hear is

“You’re so organized!”

Here’s the thing…I wasn’t always like that.

Instead, I struggled with depression, procrastination, and on the verge of hoarding. Some days, I thought my mental and chronic illness would get the best of me.

There was a fire within me that knew I was meant for something more. I was fed up. Tired of being a victim. I knew if I didn’t change and take action, nothing would ever change. I was terrified, lost, wasn’t sure of what the future would hold, but it was time for my new journey. It was time to conquer and move my mountain…

All my life, writing has been a creative outlet. Once I refused the victim mindset, set better goals, and put an action plan in place, I felt lighter, less stressed, order, and flow. I’ve been obsessed with writing productivity, office organizing, simplifying tasks, systems, and processes ever since.

What I learned from this adventure…

 From this experience, my new passion and mission are to help bloggers and service-based businesses owners create order and flow in their blog, business, and office.


Ready to create order and flow to #movemountains?