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I’m Jennifer. An adventurous Entrepreneur, writer, and safety advocate. I create order out of chaos as an Office Organizing  specializing& Productivity Consultant and Coach. Grab a seat and your planner. Get cozy while I hand brew some coffee or tea for you.


Transpire Life is your Resource for:

Office De-cluttering, Organization, & Decor for an inspiring, efficient work space. Clutter = chaos. If you’re like me and piles of papers and office supplies everywhere makes you feel overwhelmed, uninspired, and difficult to focus, then less is more. Decluttering is the first step to Organization. Don’t worry. I’ll show you where to start, how to start, and the process, one stepping stone at a time. Once you have simplified your physical office space, it’s easier to stay organized.


Time Management & Productivity to gain back time and accomplish more, faster. Learn to work smart and get the most done in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of tools, gain flexibility in your schedule, and better track your  project progress. The sooner you have systems and processes put in place, the less you have to worry about. What you may not know is,  how easy it really is.


Evernote . Do you love Evernote but want to learn more about how to utilize it best for your business?As a certified Evernote Consultant, I’ll show you how to start, set up systems, and best utilize Evernote to do many tasks in one place. Get on the wait-list for when I create courses, how to videos, webinars and more from what I’ve learned about Evernote. Join the Wait List


My “Work Simply” Business Lifestyle (coming soon…) My journey and business lessons from my past life as a Barista, decluttering my office and life to creating a simplified business lifestyle, and new adventures as a business owner.


Who am I?

With a background in Interior Design, Architecture, and past life as a Barista and Coffee drive-thu Owner/Operator, I now apply a simplified, small space efficiency concept into all small business home office spaces.


I’m an INFJ  based near the gorgeous Mountains of North Carolina (my happy place), and not your typical Southern gal (you’ll find out how as we get to know each other). I’m also a coffee connoisseur, gamer, Steampunk cosplayer, traveler and personal safety and domestic violence awareness advocate.


My Philosophy

  • I believe anyone can get organized and maintain that organization through personalized systems and processes.
  • Life and business are a journey, like a road trip or hiking. You have your road map to the destination,  then break it down, one step at a time. I’ll show you how!


One of the main comments I hear is

“You’re so organized!”

Here’s the thing…I wasn’t always like that.


I had always used a daily planner and somewhat organized, but I was still overwhelmed while running all aspects of the coffee drive-thru. Once I set better goals, put an action plan and routine together, I realized where I was and wasn’t utilizing my time and how much flexible time I really had available.


I have an Interior Design & Architecture background and grew up around a furniture designer father. As a Barista for over a decade, then  Coffee drive-thru Owner,  and learned how to become a business owner with a small team, while maximizing efficiency in a tiny space.

What I learned from this adventure…


From this experience, I’ve learned my new passion and mission to help other small businesses go from overwhelm to creating a simplified office and business to enjoy more of life’s adventures. 

Find out how you can go from overwhelm to a simplified office and business, one step at a time. Book your FREE 30-minute Session today!