What’s the difference, and which one is more important?


There is a huge difference between goals and vision. I’ll explain the differences and why you need both.


Are you a Visionary or a Goal Setter?

Which of these sounds most like you?


Goal Setter

You thrive on planning, lists, and direction to take steps to accomplish short term goals. You’re more logical and systematic to get things done. You see tasks as stepping stones to achieve your goals.


Goals have a lifespan with steps, usually with lists to track progress. With goal setting, you know your destination and HOW to get there. Goals can be short term and usually planned out 90 days to one year at a time, but can have a difficult time seeing the future, past that time frame.


Since values and priorities change as you learn and have personal growth in business and life, goals can change and should be adjusted on a regular basis.



You tend to be a dreamer. You can see the big picture, imagining what life and business will look like once you accomplish your ultimate goal. Like a movie before your eyes. Because you’re a dreamer, you see long-term accomplishments fulfilled. But you’re not sure how to get there.


Visions don’t have a lifespan. It keeps going and is your ultimate “WHY” you do what you do, your passion.



Here’s the thing, it takes a Goal Setter AND Visionary to #movemountains and become successful.


One is not more important than the other; instead, utilize each other’s strengths and learning from each other can make you more successful, whatever that means to you.



Why BOTH matter

Goal setters need a visionary to team up with, and visionaries need to surround themselves with goal setters. One will not become a reality without the other.


The visionary shares the destination, and the goal setter plans out how to get there. The goal setter can become bored if they don’t team up with a visionary because once they accomplish a goal, they are ready for the next adventure.


The visionary needs a goal setter to stop dreaming long enough to focus and take action on their dreams.


This is why it’s so important for them to keep each other focused and accountable.


Together, you learn how the other thinks differently and can use that to your advantage to get ahead in your business. Visionaries can help a goal setter see the big picture and goal setting can help visionaries HOW to get there.


I am mainly a goal setter, but can also see the big picture.


Which are you most like – Goal Setter or Visionary? Share in the comments below. 

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Goals vs Vision