Find Your Writing Flow: 5-Day Challenge

FREE 5-Day Challenge: Find Your Writing Flow to reduce stress and overwhelm & increase writing productivity.

You know the importance of creating valuable content for your readers and audience, but you aren’t consistent and still tend to have writer’s block.

Thinking about it makes you anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. You’re not sure where to start, or you just need someone to guide you and keep you accountable.

Enough is enough!

You’re ready to take action, create a strategy, and plan to increase your writing productivity and find your writing flow.

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The Power of Planning with Health Issues & Chronic Illness, for Bloggers & Business Owners

The Power of Planning with Health Issues & Chronic Illness, for Bloggers & Business Owners

I’m writing something different today.  It’s a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for awhile, and I’ve noticed that there are a lot more people in similar, unique, situations as me. 

I’m not sure why, but for some reason I’ve been surprised about how many other entrepreneurs and business owners battle with mental health and chronic illness.  You cannot see on the outside, but on the inside it’s a whole other world. These are topics I don’t hear enough about in our industry.

Sure everything on social media and online usually looks pretty and happy all the time, but we don’t see enough of the behind-the-scenes reality of business owners, so today I’m going to give you a little behind the scenes of my life.

I’m going to discuss what it’s like to personally battle depression, chronic illness and a couple of other health conditions that I continue to work through as I grow my business.
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Why Hire a Specialized Virtual Assistant (VA)?

You’re finally making some consistent money with your blog or service-based business and ready to start handing off some tasks you don’t enjoy or don’t have time for. Congratulations!  This is exciting and the next step to start growing your business.

Ideally, you want to hire Virtual Assistants (VA) who have a specialized skill set, not someone who is a “jack of all trades, master of none.”

Here’s why…

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My Top Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

I get a lot of questions about the latest tools I’m using to run my business as an online small business and what I would recommend to run their business. Most of these tools are free or I’ve upgraded to their cheapest paid version.


Not only do I love to test new and different online and offline tools, supplies and programs, but I want to share them with you as a resource. The following are tools I am currently using or have used when starting my business. I only recommend tools that I think would help you simplify your business, while juggling everything.


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