My MISSION for this group is to connect and empower adventurous Coaches, Bloggers & Direct Sellers who ‪#‎MoveMountains. 

Although we crave and go on adventures, we always come back to our home office to rejuvenate.

No matter what life has thrown at you, or situation you’ve been in, you refuse to play the victim mindset. You know you are meant for something greater and do good in this world. You take action. Helping others is in our nature. You are beautiful and worthy of an amazing life and all your dreams to come true.

This Entrepreneur journey isn’t glamorous, but we’re gonna get things done, in less time. So, grab your gear…your fearless leader is here.

As your guide, I’ll teach you how to work simply to create order out of chaos to reclaim your life through Office decluttering, Office organizing, Productivity & Time Management.


It’s FREE!

What You Get

  • A safe space to share your personal journey.
  • Share adventures in your journey as an Entrepreneur
  • Share travel adventures
  • Learn to work simply
  • Community of like-minded business owners who understand and will cheer you on.
  • A group of people who “nerd out” about anything from business and marketing, to gaming, movies and food, fashion etc.
  • Network, connect and collaborate, so we’re ALL successful!
  • Encouragement, Empowerment, and stay Accountable, because building and running a business is a great adventure.
  • Tips & Tools on Goal Setting, Simplifying and getting Organized in your office and business.
  • Be Inspired & Empowered
  • Themed Days of the Week
  • Community-only Challenges, Workshops & Events to push you to take action and achieve more in your business.
  • Live Q & A’s


  • When you first join, please tell us a little about yourself, and your current adventure.
  • Promotions on a specified days or specific threads, only. (example: Introduction)
  • Focus on moving forward in your life, no matter what you’re going through.


Let’s #MoveMountains together!

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jennifer Vaaler, a Simplified Office & Business Strategist, focusing on decluttering/decor, Goal Setting, and Time Management.

After an eating disorder,  attemptive suicide, dealing with depression on and off all my life, two abusive relationships and recently learning about my chronic illness, I refuse to let my past and new version of me control my life.

Instead, I learned from my situations, grew as a person and learned who I was and wasn’t, what really mattered in life, and that I am am worthy of an amazing adventurous life of helping others by utilizing my skill sets..

My Philosophy 

Life and business are a journey, like a road trip or hiking. Although a plan is important, there is more to it then that. Taking one step (or mile marker) at a time, around the winding curves towards our mini goals, while working towards our Ultimate destination (our Why). Except the best part is the journey itself. Taking time to experience life and enjoy the detours (opportunities) that we may not have found otherwise. This helps you grow as a person and grow in your business, which are essential to getting ready for what’s next.

I believe the we should work hard, play hard and do good in the world. But it takes each of us to make a difference. That is why we must #movemountains while keeping flexibility in our schedule to maintain our energy levels through-out the day.

Where did #movemountains come from?

Move Mountains quote TLMountains are symbolic to me in every part of my life.

First of all, I live in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Whether I’m taking a drive, hiking, or checking out the shops downtown, this is my “happy place.” Being in nature surrounded by towering beauty, especially in Autumn, is where I am most at peace.

Like a mountain needs a sturdy foundation to be big and strong, so does our business. They both take twists and turns to get to the top.

My Cause

I’m a survivor of domestic violence and my personal Cause is Personal safety and Domestic Violence awareness. I want to help decrease the statistics of violence. Learn more, here.