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Let me guess…You’re going through the motions of day to day, trying to keep all the balls in the air while you make a living at a job while building a business on the side. 

Are you an ambitious Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner who feels overwhelmed and spread too thin, wondering where you’ll find the time and energy to build your business faster?

Want to have better goal setting, time management and finally get organized, but not sure where to start?

Hi, I’m Jennifer Vaaler, your business efficiency guide. I create order out of chaos for ambitious Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners through Goal Setting & Productivity Coaching and Virtual Office Organizing. You don’t have to do it alone. I’ll be your guide on this journey. 

IMG_7189Starting a business to the first two years are the toughest. Let me make it easier on you since you’re wearing all the hats. Get organized, gain back time, and control over your schedule to earn more money and make a larger impact on the world.

Do you have a business foundation to eventually make the transition to go full time as an Entrepreneur or small business owner? When working for someone, you’re used to that structure and don’t think twice about it. So what happens when you need that foundation of systems and processes in your business?

You , your business and your work style are unique. Your systems and processes should be too.  With so many different programs, techniques, styles, and rules out there, I help you figure out which ones are best for your business.

I’ll teach you how, or take the hike with you. I’ll create a plan of systems and processes, based on your learning style, needs and goals, to set up or update systems and process that build a foundation for your business, so it runs smoother, earlier on. Prevent going back to the chaos.

When the foundation of your business is solid, you can focus on projects that make money so you can do more of what you love and finally make that transition to a full time Entrepreneur or small business Owner. 

My Philosophy

Life as an Entrepreneur is like climbing a mountain- a journey taken one step at a time. I believe in working hard, playing hard, and enjoying life’s experiences along the way.

I love the process- planning, creating, implementing and taking ACTION, seeing the outcome come to life. I want to help you succeed  with an extra push, through that process. It’s amazing how much more you can enjoy life and your work, when you have a foundation, have a guideline, start, simplify and get organized.

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