I help Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs create order out of chaos to reclaim their life, starting in their office and business. 


Do you feel you’re not as organized as you want to be (maybe even a procrastinator) ?

Have you been through hell and back by all of the obstacles life has thrown at you?

Except, you don’t let those mountains keep you down. You conquer them. One after the next. You refuse to play the victim when life gets you down. Instead, you have a fire within you that tells you you’re meant for something great in this wold and you won’t let anything or anyone hold you back.

You deserve the life you want. You are worthy, beautiful and confident, but you just need a little guidance and loving push to get started and organized. You’re smart and simply want to move through what’s getting in your way.


I can help.


Together, we’ll focus that fire within you to:

  • Gain back 5-10+ hours/week
  • Add flexibility in your schedule and rethink the way you schedule your tasks to prevent burnout
  • Create and update Systems and Processes based on your current business phase, to run on autopilot
  • Know what to focus on and where to start
  • Personalized road map to a simplified office and business
  • Create physical and mental space for less stress, focus, creativity, and energy for your clients
  • Have a business operations manual ready to hand off to new, or current, team members to grow your business.

Are you ready to create order out of chaos in your business, to continue moving forward in reclaiming your life? 


Hi, I’m Jennifer Vaaler.  I help overwhelmed business owners and entrepreneurs create order out of chaos by teaching them decluttering, organizing and time management techniques to simplify and increase their productivity, giving them the resources they need to grow their business, make more money, and create an adventurous life!


You don’t have to do it alone. As your guide and resource, I’ll guide you, one small step at a time. 

Next Steps:

Book your FREE Guided Strategy Session where we focus on one main area in your business to be more organized or more productive. I’ll give you one action step that’ll move you toward your goal today!